Summary report from Kirk Session meeting

Summary report from meeting of Kirk Session on Thursday 20th November.

The Session met on Thursday and among the items discussed were the following suggestions from members of the congregation.

Sharing of roles & responsibilities.

There are a number of ‘duties’ which are outlined below that are required to be fulfilled each Sunday to ensure services run smoothly.  We hope as many people as possible will volunteer for a role/roles and that these could be shared better among the congregation using a rota system.

Welcome at door                                                                   Collection

Opening/closing of church                                                     Hymn boards

Presbytery newsletter                                                            announcement sheet

Children’s church (July/August)                                              Sunday school leader

Music-singing/musical instrument                                          Tea/coffee after service.

Readings                                                                              Church Magazines

Crèche                                                                                 Flowers

What can you take on?  All age groups are encouraged to participate.  Have you any other thoughts/ideas on how our worship experience can be enhanced and that we ensure we are a welcoming and inviting church?

Songs of Praise evening–Your favourite hymns

It has been suggested that we have a praise evening (Early Spring) consisting of congregational singing, group singing, solo/duet or an instrumental of the congregation’s most popular favourite hymns.  You will be invited to submit your favourite hymn in the New Year.  It is planned to have a retiring offering towards a charity of the congregation’s choosing.

Please let us know your suggestions, comments or ideas.  Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

Diary dates:

All age Christmas Service:                      Sunday 14th December

Youth Fellowship Christmas dinner         Saturday 20th December

Pre Communion Service                         Sunday 28th December

Sacrament of Lord’s Supper                   Sunday 4th January