Announcements Sunday 30th April 2017

Service next Sunday-Sacrament of Lord’s Supper will be conducted by Rev Stewart Glendinning


Mid Week bible study in the Manse on Wednesday evening at 8pm

 Other notices

Good as New Shop: The Good as new Shop is now open in the Diamond Carndonagh and will  run it till the end of June.  This effort is a main fundraiser for the Church.  The shop will be open Monday-Saturday from 10am 5pm with morning session from 10-1.30pm and afternoon session from 1.30-5pm.  If you are unable to do a regular session-please consider providing cover for an occasional session or sharing a session with someone as this would be very helpful.  Donations of clothing and items to sell in the shop are also required.  Thank you.


Trinity Presbyterian Church and New Life Fellowship, Letterkenny have teamed up to host Creation Ministries International’s ‘Prehistoric’ Preachers Dinosaur Roadshow in Trinity Hall, Letterkenny on Saturday 13th May from 2.30 to 5.30. (Aim for the Cathedral and it is the 2nd large building anticlockwise from the Cathedral) We would like to invite you to come along.
2:30pm – walk around the life size models of dinosaurs and look at the displays.
3:30pm – A colourful PowerPoint presentation for the whole family which will bring the subject of ‘dinosaurs and the Bible’ alive in a memorable way
Plenty of time to browse bookstall and ask questions. A great family event.


Sunday Door Reading Collection
30th April Mary   David & Norman
7th May Austin   Communion Service
14th May Jane   Carol & Julie
21st May David   Gordon & Kenneth

Thank you to all the volunteers for your faithful service. If you are not available please arrange to swap with someone or contact the rota organiser

Announcements are posted on Church’s website each weekend.