Announcements Sunday 23rd August 2020

A warm welcome to Rev Stanley Irwin who is conducting our service today.

Service next Sunday will be conducted by Rev Derek Mc Kelvey

Thank you to Graeme Stewart for his kind donation of the pedal operated hand sanitiser. It is a very useful device to have available to us and we very much appreciate his generosity.

Face Coverings in Church

The leaders of the four main Churches in Ireland have issued a joint statement recommending and encouraging the wearing of face coverings at all services of worship, with respect for people who will be exempt as provided for in state public health guidance.

“Following further recent consultations with public health authorities, we join with Christian church leaders all over this island in formally recommending and encouraging the use of face coverings at all services of worship, along with the ongoing maintenance of 2 metre physical distancing, from Sunday 30th August 2020, and earlier if practicable.”

Instructions for leaving the Hall following service

Those who are seated towards the stage from the side door leave by the side door. Those who are seated from the side door towards the front door of hall leave via the front door. Continue to observe 2m social distancing as you make your way out.

Freewill offering contributions may be placed on plates as you enter or leave the hall or contributions can be made by bank transfer to the following account.  Please use your FWO number and initials as a way of identifying yourself on the statement.

Iban IE59BOFI 90477175632184


 Reopening for Worship

As we reopen for worship we are guided by the Presbyterian Church in Ireland protocol (Stay Safe at Church) for reopening for worship. Mitigating risk and ensuring safety for all from Covaid 19 is paramount.

  Stay SAFE at Church. Give consideration to the following guidance.

  Stick to the rules.

Follow the advice for entering & leaving building

 A   Assess the risk:

Do not attend if you are displaying symptoms of Covaid 19 or have been in close contact with anyone displaying symptoms that may be Covaid 19. Take primary responsibility for your own health and wellbeing by carefully considering the level of risk involved in coming to church. Do not feel under any pressure to be present if you are uncomfortable with any aspect of attending.

 F   Foster good routines. Hand hygiene, social distancing, cough etiquette

 E       Encourage individual responsibility.  Hold yourself and others lovingly accountable for taking advice and instruction seriously and resist the temptation to become careless with compliance as the necessary practices become more familiar as week follows week