Announcements Sunday 16th May 2021

A warm welcome to Rev Drew Abernethy who is conducting the service today.

Service next Sunday will be conducted by Rev Philip Poots.

Sunday services will continue to be uploaded to Facebook & our You Tube channel every 2 weeks. The midweek Moments/midweek bible studies will continue to be uploaded every week on Wednesday evening on Facebook/You tube Channel.


This Sunday, 16th May, will mark the return to in-person at church worship services! Covid-19 protocols are still in place so please make sure to bring a face mask, sanitise your hands and maintain social distance. Despite all that, we are really looking forward to being able to gather together again for the first time in months and I’m really looking forward to my first services in church as your minister.

It’s going to be different being back, it’s going to take some time to get back into the habit of getting up and getting out and coming to church rather than sitting looking at a screen. Because of that here are some things that will help you as you get ready to come back to church:

~ Get up, get ready and make sure you come, we would really love to see you!

~ Pray to prepare – take some time before church to pray and begin to prepare your heart for coming and hearing from God.

~ Bring your Bible – because of COVID-19 protocols we would encourage you to bring your own Bible with you and maybe even have this Sunday be the start of a new pattern of taking notes from the kid’s talk and sermon.

~ Reflect after – read the passage when you get home again, look over your notes, and ask yourself some questions: was there anything that struck you? Anything that challenged you? What did this passage show you of Jesus? How have you been called to respond to God’s Word?

Our services will be at the usual times: 10:30am Moville, 12 noon Greenbank & 10:30am Carndonagh, 12 noon Malin.

I will be taking the services in Moville and Greenbank and Rev. Drew Abernethy will cover Carndonagh and Malin. God bless and see you Sunday!

We do understand that some people may still feel uncomfortable and too vulnerable to come to in-person worship and though we want to encourage you we don’t want to pressurise you, as such Sunday services will be uploaded to Facebook and our YouTube channel every two weeks and the Midweek Moments/Midweek Bible Studies will continue every week. We do hope that they will help you until you feel able to return.

Best and blessings,

Rev. Philip