Announcements Sunday 13th February 2022

A warm welcome and thanks to Philip Leonard who is conducting the service today.

Service next Sunday will be conducted by Rev Philip Poots  

Midweek Bible Study – We will be having our Midweek Bible Study on Wednesday evening at 8pm. Seeing as the prayer meeting worked well at the manse on Wendesday past we are going to have the Bible study at the manse in Moville as well. Everyone is welcome and there will be a cup of tea/coffee and biscuits for you to enjoy as we open up God’s word together. Question sheets are available at the back of church or from Philip directly, just email, text or phone and he will get those to you.
  We will aim to start the study at 8pm but you’re welcome anytime from 7:30pm.

Membership/Communicant Classes – Philip is looking at starting some membership/communicant classes over March and April. These classes will aim at providing a time to talk through what it means to be a Christian, a church member and to come to the Lord’s table. They will be open to anyone of any age or stage who is looking to come into full committed membership of the church. 

If you could email/text/phone Philip to let him know if you’re interested that would be greatly appreciated and he will organise times/place in due course. 

Youth Fellowship – Youth Fellowship is on again next Sunday eveningSunday 20th February for young people of Secondary school age. It would be great to see some more young people come along from all four congregations as we continue working our way through the PCI Proximity booklet. If you’re a young person who is thinking about communicant membership this would be the sort of thing as part of committed faith life that you should be attending along with Sunday services. 
  We will have it at the manse and enjoy a bit of food together as well. So that’s next Sunday evening, 7pm at the manse.

Philip Annual Leave – Philip will be off on some annual leave 21st to 26th of February during which time pastoral cover will be provided by the Rev A Rosborough.