Announcements Sunday 3rd April.

Thank you to Rev Philip Poots who is conducting the service today

Service next Sunday will be conducted by Rev Drew Abernethy

New Members / Communicant’s Class: Classes continue at the manse today (3rd April) at 3pm.
For anyone who can’t attend this Sunday, there is also the second option of Tuesday 5th April at 4:30pm at the Manse. Please note that if you can come along today you don’t have to come on Tuesday, it’s an either or option.
 Please bring your Bibles, booklets and a pen and any problems please contact Philip.

Youth Fellowship at the Moville Manse, this evening Sunday 3rd April @ 7pm-8:30pm: Young people of secondary school age and up are welcome to the manse for YF, please take a look at the next chapter of the Proximity Booklet and bring it with you.

Easter Sunday Singing Group PracticeWe will be having another singing practice next Thursday Evening (7th April) at 7pm at Greenbank Hall. If you can’t get along to these practices please do check out the videos on our Facebook page.

Easter Sunday Evening Joint Service Sunday 17th April @ 7pm: ..we will be having a joint evening service together in Greenbank Hall with a time of fellowship afterwards.

Midweek Book Study at Helen Stewart’s – 6th April @ 8pm: The study group has started back at Helen’s every other Wednesday evening at 8pm. The next study date will be this Wednesday 6th April when we will look at the opening chapters of Bryan Chapell’s Unlimited Grace book. Please contact Philip for a copy of the book and a workbook.

Youth BBQ at the Manse with Fahan PC -next Saturday 9th April @7pm.  We are going to have a joint Youth Fellowship BBQ with some of the young people from Fahan Presbyterian.  We will be having some fun and food together and it might do no harm to bring some clothes you don’t mind getting messy and even a spare change of clothes.

Younger Youth ActivitiesWe’d really like to try and get moving along with some of our younger youth activities/programmes, please do let me Philip know if you think you’d be able to help out with something like that. We’d love to try and motivate and encourage young families back to church by providing a space for younger children and we need help to be able to do so.

Good as New Shop in aid of Donagh National School thanks. The Parents Association of The Donagh N.S would like to thank everyone who gave their support over the last five weeks at The Good As New Shop.   Your support is really appreciated

Covid19 restrictions: Easing of Covid 19restrictions come into effect Monday 4th April…so for this Sunday the same format continues. See guidelines issued by the PCI general council below.

Following discussion, the General Council, acting on behalf of the General Assembly as
authorised by Par 272(3) of the Code, approved the following easing of Covid-19
mitigations & measures for all PCI congregations in Northern Ireland and the Republic of
Ireland, to take effect from Monday 4th April 2022, with any necessary decisions being
taken locally:

  1. At all times government advice should continue to be followed with regard to selfi solation related to Covid-19. Further, those who have (or think they might have) any
    of the symptoms of Covid-19, or are just generally feeling unwell, should be
    encouraged not to attend services, meetings or activities.
  2. It is recommended that church buildings and halls should continue to be as well
    ventilated as possible and hand sanitiser should continue to be available.
  3. It is recommended that, social distancing should no longer be required in church
    buildings and halls, though where possible an area of seating should be set aside,
    where 1 or 2 metre social distancing is maintained, for those who wish to avail of it. It
    may continue to be preferable to space out chairs in halls and rooms where this is
  4. It is recommended that, face coverings should no longer be required in church
    buildings or halls (including when singing), with those who prefer to continue to use
    face coverings clearly being free to do so.
  5. Restrictions relating to Communion are no longer required, though some of the
    advice in the previously provided guidelines may continue to prove useful. Sensible
    precautions should continue to be taken both when preparing and distributing the
  6. Restrictions relating to Baptisms are no longer required, though some of the advice in
    the previously provided guidelines may continue to prove useful.
  7. Restrictions relating to catering on church premises are no longer required, though it
    is recommended that sensible precautions should continue to be taken.
  8. Home Groups and other church meetings may take place in private homes, with
    sensible social distancing and good ventilation as appropriate.
  9. Pastoral Visiting in private homes may continue to move towards a more normal
    pattern of in-person visitation, though wisdom should be exercised with regard to
    sensible precautions.

Please note the following:
§ These nine points replace all previous PCI required mitigations and measures, in
all areas of congregational life e.g. previous necessary restrictions on aspects of
youth and children’s ministry no longer apply.
§ The effective date of Monday 4th April 2022 has been set by the General Council
to enable announcements to be made at Sunday Morning Services prior to the
changes taking effect.
§ A Kirk Session can of course decide to enhance what is recommended and
continue to require certain additional measures and mitigations within its
congregation, dependant on local factors.
§ It is important that signage which is no longer relevant should be removed e.g.
referring to previous measures in relation to compulsory wearing of face-coverings.
§ All ministers in congregations and vacancy conveners (or stated supplies) are
asked to share this email with members of their Kirk Session(s), to enable any
necessary local decisions to be taken. It is important that other leaders in the
congregation are also made aware of the changed position in regard to these
matters and when these changes take effect