Announcements Sunday 1st May 2022

Communion service today will be conducted by Rev Philip Poots

Service next Sunday will be conducted by Rev Drew Abernethy

Youth Fellowship at the Manse this evening (Sunday 1st May) @ 7pm: All young people of secondary school age and up are welcome to the manse this evening for youth fellowship. It would be great to see more of our young people coming along to join us.

Book Study at Helen’s next Friday 6th May @ 8pm: Continuing our study through Bryan Chapell’s book “Unlimited Grace”  If you wish to join us and would like a copy of the book or the questions that we use to help us chat, please contact Philip

In-Service Training for Philip: Philip will be off from the 9th to the 15th May at in-service training. Every year for the first year after ordination ministers are required to attend and be involved in training. During this time ministers are expected to be free from usual duties to participate. Rev Alastair Rosborough will provide pastoral cover while Philip is away.